Happy Galentines Day!

I think that on top of celebrating your significant other, on Valentines Day you should also celebrate your friends! If I had an endless budget, I would definitely be sending every single one of my friends flowers and chocolate, but unfortunately I’m not quite there. I did think of a few ideas for moms, sisters, and BFF’s though!



I feel like this is a pretty obvious one for Valentines Day, but who doesn’t love fresh flowers?! They are my favorite! to have around the house! There’s something about fresh flowers that makes any space feel cleaner and prettier. Through school, mom would always send us little bouquets on Valentines Day and I thought it was so so special! I love the idea of  these roses that last an entire year without water. It’s pricey but kind of defies everything I learned in Bio 101.

Postmates some Starbucks. 

I just discovered the wonder that is Postmates last week in Dallas (plz come 2 tulsa) and I am so so hooked. It’s a pretty small delivery fee for anything. I repeat, anything. On second thought, maybe you should send her a bottle of her favorite wine, but maybe not until she gets home after work.

Take her to brunch. 

I think it’s safe to say most every girls favorite meal is brunch. You get to sleep in, have enough time to do your makeup AND wash your hair (if you’re going crazy) and it’s one of the few scenarios it’s OK to drink champagne before noon. I have been mega craving waffles lately, so I may be taking my mom out to R Bar or Doc’s for Valentines Day!

Bath Bombs. 

I’ve been given a few bath bombs recently and Lush has the BEST bath bombs. They’re also a great gift for multiple friends because they’re under $10 and also something we can’t really justify buying regularly for ourselves.



Treat her to a Blowout.

I am so so sold on getting blowouts! They make you feel so confident and you don’t have to wash your hair for even longer 🙂

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