Today was my second time getting a blowout from the Blo Dry Bar on Brookside and I am even more convinced that everyone needs to try it out for special occasions or date nights. I rarely ever like it when someone styles my hair but Audrey has done an INCREDIBLE job both times I’ve gone to see her! I love how they have a really good style menu to choose from, but she adjusted the style I did (pillow tossed..?)  because I wanted to go for a more textured/grunge look instead of the normal which is a more sweetheart look! I also got a glass champagne which was super helpful because Jon & I had our first photo shoot together today by Abby Roses and I am always suuuuper nervous & weird in front of the camera. So from now on I may have some champagne before every shoot because it really helped 🙂 Jon also came along and had some of the candy they have set out in bowls everywhere. You can’t go wrong at this place.

I mostly decided to go in today because it seemed like no matter how much curling or dry shampooing I could not get my hair to look good! It felt so flat today, and I could NOT get it to cooperate. Bad hair day = unconfident & unhappy Christina. I would definitely recommend trying out a style for a date night (Valentines Day!) or if you’re just having an off day. Blowouts & styles are $40 which is a steal for what you get!

ALSO if any blondes out there are thinking about going to a new colorist, you have to go to Lindsey at Jara Herron on Brookside!! One of my friends recommended her and I will never change stylists again. She has brought my hair from the mauve, damaged & discolored depths that it once was at and it’s growing faster than it ever and the color is SO long-lasting and beautiful at all growth stages. My last appointment was a month ago and it still looks this good without using any purple shampoo! She really likes to work with your natural color instead of fight it, and I feel like that’s why all of her blondes look incredible. You will not regret going to her!!

Tomorrow morning we have two early morning meetings in OKC then we are heading out tomorrow night to see Emma in Colorado Springs. I really hope this year we continue to travel as much as we have been! I would love any recommendations of what to see, and where to eat (my favorite!)


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