What To Do For Your Guy On Valentines Day




Guys are so difficult to take care of on Valentines Day! If you’re on a budget, it’s hard to buy a large gift but here’s some affordable options for gifts & how to take care of him on a day that mostly revolves around us gals!


MeUndies are seriously the cutest! I’ve gotten Jon & I matching ones for both Valentines Days we’ve been together and they’re SO comfy. Last year we got the Thorns & Roses design and this year we got the Heart Party matching pairs. 



if your guys are anything like Jon, he loves to be cooked for. Jon loves a ton of fruit and variety and he’s definitely a meat & potatoes kind of guy. I may not try to make him eat veggies, if he’s lucky 🙂


Handmade painting or craft

 I was so excited when we started dating that Jon loves anything handmade for him (and he always tells me how good everything is!)  I would love to paint him something this year, or if you don’t have paint then a handmade card. The cheesier the better, in our opinion!


Buy him a massage

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I seriously give the worst massages. My fingers have no strength so it’s hard for me to give a worthwhile massage, so I’d just rather pay for a couples massage and you’d have the excuse to get yourself one as well!


Try not to put too much pressure on him!

I think girls a lot of time (I am so guilty of this) put a lot of pressure on their boyfriends/fiances/ husbands to perform well on holidays, birthdays, and I see it in weddings all the time. If your guy isn’t super romantic, don’t expect him to be or be disappointed when Valentines Day isn’t super high on the list of his priorities. I  think that girls always see facebook posts of all the gifts/chocolate/flowers they got on Valentines Day that other girls got and they put those expectations on their significant other.


A boudoir album

Boudoir is such a great gift and usually extremely unexpected!! Boudoir is my favorite kind of session to shoot, they’re so fun!


Man Bouquet

 Baskets & bouquets are always my go-to gifts and I love shopping for them! I would recommend getting a 32 oz yeti, hitting up the dollar store for some floral foam and hot gluing some manly stuff to shishka bobs sticks. Beef jerky, candy, liquor samples, gift cards, coffee samples, etc! Top off the floral foam with some tissue paper and you’re good to go.


I’d love to hear and include any ideas or success stories you have for Valentines Day!


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