This year I surprised Jon with a last minute trip to Dallas for his birthday! It was even last minute for me. I had already gotten him a couple gifts beforehand, but I wanted to do something else because I really honestly can’t help it when I have an idea for a surprise lol. I woke up the day before his birthday at 7:30am and started looking to see if there’s any cool concerts on his birthday around Tulsa! There happened to be a Bon Iver concert in Dallas that same night, so I rescheduled a few meetings, bought a couple tickets, booked the airbnb, got an oil change and we were set! Being spontaneous is kind of exhilarating to me in a weird kind of way. I’m normally the kind of person that likes to have a vacation planned for months, take the time to plan it and think of what I might like to do. Getting prepared for the trip is part of what I like! I’m super strange and love packing and planning. I have been searching for an app that allows you to create a schedule for your vacation, so if anyone knows of one send it my way!

The Bon Iver concert was super good!  Jon has been describing the concert as ‘The most epic chill concert ever’ which is really pretty accurate. I listen to Bon Ever combined with rain noises whenever I have a hard time getting sleepy and it always does the trick, and it made me super sleepy at the concert too! It was a very interesting mix. It only could have been better if I could have been wearing some PJ’s and snuggling up on a fluffy couch.


The next day was Wednesday Jon’s actual birthday! We spent the day running around Dallas shopping, eating, and taking pictures which are all of my favorite things. He’s kind of great like that, he really doesn’t mind what we’re doing as long as we’re spending time together. I’m a pretty lucky girl. We got some great Vietnamese lunch at the Dallas Farmers Market first.

After eating, we walked back to the airbnb, put our leftovers in the fridge and drove over to the Bishop Arts District. It had some really interesting shops, including one where the lady was extremely persistent on selling us something which made me uncomfortable lol. I also love it when stores have a lot of local artists, which it seemed like almost everyone did! There were great spots for photos, including the super cute heart mural.

After we finished shopping we were both pretty exhausted so we went back to the airbnb to chill & do a little work. We ordered some Starbucks and Spaghetti Warehouse on Postmates which has to be my new favorite thing ever!! I really really wish they would come to Tulsa.

The next day I took Jon to the Container Store and the National Video Game Museum, I was super surprised as to how much I enjoyed the Video Game Museum because I never played them growing up and even now, no matter how much I try to get into them I just get bored after a few minutes! The only game I can enjoy for hours is League of Legends, which I’m no good at but I really like. Jon fell in love with the Container Store while we were there, I walked away for a few minutes and when I found him he was talking to one of the employees and was just about ready to order a whole custom closet! We managed to leave with our bank accounts intact, but I do have a few things in my online shopping cart that I saw from there. It’s so good to be home for a few days before leaving for Colorado to see one of my best friends Emma in Colorado next Thursday!




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