1. Patagonia Rain Jacket – I got this rain jacket in Vail this summer and it’s amazing! It’s light enough that you can wear it during summer showers but warm enough to be sufficient for the fall as well. It’s thin & comes in a few colors. $129
  2. Camping Chair – Jon & I have to sit in these every time we go to REI and we always really want one. Helinox is also another version with some cool colors. $50
  3. Longboard – I have a nickel board this color! We ride on riverside all the time. $105
  4. Brooklyn Bike – This is the Willow Style that I have (see post here) and love. It’s so comfortable that I can easily ride for 10+ miles and super instagrammable. $600
  5. Thousand Helmet – I love this style & keep meaning to order one! $115
  6. Patagonia Backpack – Having a dedicated camping/outdoor backpack would be fantastic. Definitely on my need list so I don’t keep getting mine dirty in the back of the jeep! $129
  7. Vans MTE’s – I just got these in a different color for camping and off-roading this winter. I’ve taken them to Little Sahara and they were super warm and stood up the sandy dunes! $85
  8. Sleeping Bag – Another necessity! $270
  9. Tent – Just enough for one person. (A good excuse to not host anyone else) $160
  10. Water Bottle – Love this color! $35
  11. Eno Hammock – I have this exact same one and we use it over our single every time we go off roading or camping. Just replace the carabiner’s with rock climbing ones because one of mine snapped while Jon got into it and we’re way underneath the max weight limit! Don’t forget the suspension system (another $30) $70


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