I seriously struggle being in front of the camera. I’ve never particularly liked how I look in photos so I typically avoid that by taking photos of others. But, it’s kinda hard to have a blog without being comfortable in front of a camera so I decided to bite the bullet and go shoot last minute.

I’m super lucky that I have a professional wedding photographer for a boyfriend! 

I think that’s why my first shoot was actually pretty successful, we got quite a few photos that I was confident with and not totally against showing the world, lol. 

We started out on Brookside in my favorite spot to use harsh light because the lines & shadows are fun.

There were a couple shop owners I think we made uncomfortable, but their door said they were closed and there wasn’t much foot traffic going by when we were there. 

Jon’s sister is also starting a blog and so her & her boyfriend Jordan were also shooting with us, which made me a lot more comfortable. It’s weird to be just take photos of yourself haha

Before our next spot, we had to grab a smoothie @ Tropical Smoothie. They have great snickerdoodles.

Next we went to a pedestrian bridge Jon has been wanting to shoot at! I lost all confidence here so not as many good photos lol

Overall I’m super excited about the photos & taking more!