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Happy Galentines Day!

I think that on top of celebrating your significant other, on Valentines Day you should also celebrate your friends! If I had an endless budget, I would definitely be sending every single one of my friends flowers and chocolate, but unfortunately I'm not quite there. I did think of a few ideas for moms, sisters, and BFF's though!   Flowers. I feel like this is a pretty obvious one for Valentines Day, but who doesn't love fresh flowers?! They are my favorite! to have around the house! There's something about fresh flowers that makes any space feel cleaner and prettier.
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Blo Dry Bar on Brookside & Why You Should Try It

Today was my second time getting a blowout from the Blo Dry Bar on Brookside and I am even more convinced that everyone needs to try it out for special occasions or date nights. I rarely ever like it when someone styles my hair but Audrey has done an INCREDIBLE job both times I've gone to see her! I love how they have a really good style menu to choose from, but she adjusted the style I did (pillow tossed..?)  because I wanted to go for a more textured/grunge look instead of the normal which is a more sweetheart look!

What To Do For Your Guy On Valentines Day

      Guys are so difficult to take care of on Valentines Day! If you're on a budget, it's hard to buy a large gift but here's some affordable options for gifts & how to take care of him on a day that mostly revolves around us gals! MeUndies MeUndies are seriously the cutest! I've gotten Jon & I matching ones for both Valentines Days we've been together and they're SO comfy. Last year we got the Thorns & Roses design and this year we got the Heart Party matching pairs.    Food if your guys are anything like

Jon’s 31st Birthday Dallas Trip

This year I surprised Jon with a last minute trip to Dallas for his birthday! It was even last minute for me. I had already gotten him a couple gifts beforehand, but I wanted to do something else because I really honestly can't help it when I have an idea for a surprise lol. I woke up the day before his birthday at 7:30am and started looking to see if there's any cool concerts on his birthday around Tulsa! There happened to be a Bon Iver concert in Dallas that same night, so I rescheduled a few meetings, bought a

My Favorite Christmas Traditions

I can without a doubt say that Christmas is my favorite holiday, (with Halloween being a close 2nd) but Christmas is so special because it's more than just a day, it goes on for a whole month! Or if you're Hobby Lobby, Christmas season is from June-December. On that note, I have to say I'm one of those people that does not mind at all that people and stores start decorating early for Christmas. I will totally listen to Christmas music and start setting up decorations in September. I kind of like celebrating things as long as we can, but

Three Day Weekend in Dallas

This weekend I got hired to shoot a wedding for a gorgeous bride at an incredible venue in Dallas. They had a friend shoot the full day and they had me there for the ceremony and portraits! It was my first destination wedding so I'm super glad I got the opportunity and can't wait to shoot in Dallas and beyond more often! Since we were only technically working 2-3 hours, we decided to fill the time we had there with sight-seeing and being mega tourists. We drove up early Saturday morning for a meeting at Houndstooth Coffee which was extremely

Gifts for Outdoorsy Girls

  Patagonia Rain Jacket - I got this rain jacket in Vail this summer and it's amazing! It's light enough that you can wear it during summer showers but warm enough to be sufficient for the fall as well. It's thin & comes in a few colors. $129 Camping Chair - Jon & I have to sit in these every time we go to REI and we always really want one. Helinox is also another version with some cool colors. $50 Longboard - I have a nickel board this color! We ride on riverside all the time. $105 Brooklyn Bike - This is

11 Gifts for the Muggle you know

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is probably my favorite place I've been to in the U.S. It's seriously magical and like you're in another world. I've been twice but I could go every year and never get enough!   HEDWIG MUG ($14) You really can't have too many Harry Potter mugs ALEX & ANI EARRINGS ($48) These come in silver or gold, super cute and alex & ani is a great brand! They also sell HP necklaces, bracelets, and rings. QUILL PEN ($10) Not sure if you can feel like you're at Hogwarts anymore than this. HARRY POTTER COLORING

Cutest Christmas PJ’s!

1. Footie Pajamas A classic 2. In Your Dreams PJ's Pretty sure I could sleep in these every night 3. I've Been Good (Ish) True 4. Lights Jammies Definitely my favorites! 5. Reindeer Pajamas Would be adorable to match the kiddos with these 6. Monster Onesie *insert monster emoji* 7. Mens Pants ($24) I guess guys should get a pair 8. Donut Pajamas ($29) I saw these in Windsor shopping for dresses & fell in love!   I am wearing these Aerie Pajama bottoms that are only $15 right now and SO COMFY!   Wrapping Paper: Dots and Trees from Target (trees in store only) Chevron Blanket: Ross
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